Book Review: Where the Wildflowers Dance by Phil Mills, Jr.

featured imageSomething very special happens when a writer clearly loves the place he writes about, weaving his characters from the very fabric of the land — crystal streams, majestic mountains, trees that whisper in the breeze, and wildflowers and prairie grasses that do, indeed, dance in the wind. Phil Mills, Jr. is a master of description when it comes to Wyoming and his deep love for this country fills every page of “Where the Wildflowers Dance”. This is a classic Western story and a very satisfying one that grabs you from the first page and keeps you racing through to the last. Phil’s lyrical writing brought the landscape of this rugged and beautiful place to life and it played through my mind’s eye like a stunning cinematic backdrop while the the story of the people he crafted to tell his tale lived their lives. Reading this book is an experience far beyond the printed page.

Sarah Meadows is the lovely rancher’s daughter who attracts the wrong suitor, one Jason Neal, an Easterner with a thirst for revenge and power. He settles in Chugwater, determined to prove himself, using deception, cruelty and greed. The Meadows ranch begins to flounder as do many of the properties in the area, and when Jake Summers, the foreman of the ranch, is killed and Sarah’s father dies, she finds herself with only one choice to save her beloved ranch: marry the man who may be responsible for orchestrating its downfall. We read and in my case, watch as this drama unfolds before our eyes.

I’m not one of those reviewers who warn you of spoilers and plunge ahead regardless. “When the Wildflowers Dance” is too good to deserve that treatment. Read this book and you will see why. What happens to the Meadows ranch, Sarah and all the people Phil Mills Jr. has artfully crafted deserves your time and attention, and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. He takes you to a time and place like a magical wizard, painting a picture that will live on long after the last page is turned.

I understand there’s another book coming soon. I will be eagerly awaiting it. @Phil keep on writing. I can’t wait to read more and I’m very sure I’m not going to be alone in wanting to go back to that beautiful slice of history and country that still retains its natural glory. Thank you, sir.

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