My Latest Obsession: S.A. Cosby’s Crime Thrillers

While my first love is historical fiction, thrillers nudge it out of place quite often, especially when I want to be taken way out of both my real world and the imagined ones I’m conjuring up. (So much so I just wrote one myself, but more on that coming soon). I kept hearing about Razorblade Tears so when I was over at the bookstore I picked up S.A. Cosby’s first one, Blacktop Wasteland. Blown away is the most apt thing I can say. I wasted no time in reading Razorblade Tears as soon as I could. Just as good, if not better. This man is an exceptional writer. When a crime thriller makes you not just stay up at night into the wee hours, but drags you willingly into a world you’ve never imagined stepping into and brings tears to your eyes on top of it, you know you just read something extraordinary. Reading his dialogue is like taking a class on how to do it right, and his characters break your heart. I’m not alone in this opinion, many  famous authors and distinguished critics have already said their piece and agreed, but I wanted to voice mine as well. I will be first in line for his next book, and I hope it comes soon. Mr. Cosby, you are something special. More, please.


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