Kathleen Morris

Kathleen Morris lives and writes in the desert Southwest. She is an aficionado of Western history and loves spending time in southeastern Arizona, following in the footsteps of the people she writes about. "The Lily of the West" is her novel of the life of Kate Haroney, aka Big Nose Kate, and her story "Mary Mary Quite Contrary" is included in the anthology "Contention". She firmly believes the key to good historical fiction is diligent research about the places and people she writes about. She is a graduate of Prescott College and has taught writing and editing at Phoenix College.

Kathleen Morris
Omni la Mansion del Rio on the Riverwalk

Writing to Remember: The Women Writing the West Conference 2019: San Antonio, Texas

Writers are solitary beasts, in the main. Luring them away from their desks and studies isn’t an easy task, but Women Writing the West’s conferences are a sure bet. Here, we can meet other writers, talk about our work, read theirs, exchange ideas and meet the people we usually only interact with via email and …

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Tombstone, Arizona

Who Really Was Big Nose Kate?

My novel The Lily of the West, will be published by Five Star this month. I’m very grateful for their support and to everyone who has visited my author Facebook page and my website and expressed their thoughts and good wishes. A novel about a real person shouldn’t be confused with a biography.

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Murder Ballads: Some Dark Music to Write By…

If you’re into country, bluegrass, western, appalachian or roots music, you’ve heard many a murder ballad, even if you weren’t sure what that was. It was the haunting one, usually minor keyed, that sort of stuck in your mind, with just a guitar or banjo, sometimes a steel guitar. And yeah, somebody gets killed, for the usual reasons: love, vengeance or money. Good listening, and great inspiration for writers. Well, me anyway, ’cause the box of life isn’t always full of the good chocolates, sometimes you get coconut. 

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