From “The Lily of the West”

From time to time, I will publish posts about what I’m writing, excerpts from finished work, perhaps an essay or a short story, words that will hopefully pique your interest or just be entertaining. Don’t expect a regular schedule, because, you know, I’m a writer and for me, that means somewhat erratic about schedules and all. There’s that muse thing. Today, here’s a tidbit from Lily:

The Lily of the West Graphic


Strident voices drifted through the open window.

“I’ll kill them sonsabitches this time, Ike, I swear to God I will. They won’t get away with treating us like dogs no more.”

“Frank, you got to calm down. I don’t even have a gun. Them bastards took it.”

As I leaned over and peered out the window, the book I’d been reading when I dozed off tumbled to the floor. Five men stood below with a couple of horses, and I recognized all of them—Cowboys.

Movement up the street caught my eye. Three men dressed in black strode purposefully towards the corral, their boots kicking up little puffs of dust. I dropped the curtain and fumbled through some of the buttons on my dress.

When I pulled back the curtain again, a fourth man—one I knew well—came around the corner, his long black duster doing little to disguise the shotgun in his right hand. He stood beside the other three, a silent choir of dark avenging angels.

“Throw up your hands, boys. I’ve come to disarm you.” Virgil’s voice was clear and steady.

Hell had come to Tombstone, and I was riding on its coattails.

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